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  • The NMS Boy

    By Ibrahim Ishaya NMS/90
    To the NMS boy, his passing out day is a mixed day. He is happy that he is passing out, and he is sad that he is loosing something he does not know. But what else can he do? Everything that has a beginning must surely have and end.
    • Mon, 15th Mar 2021 16:30
    The NMS Boy
  • NMS The Citadel

    By Friday Abba NMS/81
    The five years we spent together saw us concentrating on our pursuit of excellence, we found each person to be a worthy asset to our achieving greatness. We learnt from one another, taught one another, helped one another to be on our feet. We grew up knowing that to be successful we needed to need each other and work together.
    • Sat, 13th Mar 2021 13:05
    NMS The Citadel
  • In the year 1951, the British brought up an idea of establishing the Boys Company with the same pattern as the Boys Wing of the British Army for each of the 4 British West African Colonies, namely the Gambia, Ghana (formerly Gold Coast), Nigeria and Sierra Leone.
    • Sat, 13th Feb 2021 13:09
    Historical Evolution of the Nigerian Military School
  • I was fortunate to have been assigned to Echo Company and my Cadre Course was in Echo Company.  This is my Echo Company NMS experience and how fortunate I considered myself to have been an Echolite. Enjoy and I look forward to your comments.
    • 1
    • Wed, 10th Feb 2021 12:46
    My Echo Company Experience In NMS
  • A Clarion call to ex-boys

    By Oluwole Okesola NMS/93
    I have always believed in one Nigeria, I have always believed in the unity of this great country of ours. Can I sound the bugle and hail all ex-boys to heed the clarion call of nation-building, of shunning ethnic bias to fight in our various cocoons to unite Nigerians?
    • Thu, 4th Feb 2021 10:16
    A Clarion call  to ex-boys
  • The Ring

    By Olawale Bakare 76 Set
    An unbreakable bond, forged by a common heritage. A pedigree steeped in history, from an age when most were still sucklings. Granted a pass through the most rigorous of weaning processes, to partake of an experience few ever will.
    • Sat, 30th Jan 2021 18:06
    The Ring
  • How I Lost My Lisp

    By Olawale Bakare 76 Set
    It was a good thing I did not see the brain-resetting slap coming or I might have dodged it. If I had dodged it, I probably would still be speaking with a prominent lisp up to this day and that would have seriously impacted my abilities to be the Trainer and Speaker that I am today
    • Sat, 30th Jan 2021 17:09
    How I Lost My Lisp
  • My first cross country rehearsal as a class one boy was greeted with so much enthusiasm, bated in the hope it would be an adventure of sightseeing the countryside and attracting the cheers of spectating indigents of communities through which our race would navigate or crisscross.
    • Tue, 26th Jan 2021 08:07
    A Funny Episode In The Life Of A Kuskus
  • First day on the parade ground

    By Fodio Longman NMS/95
    The parade ground they say is the center of discipline. As a new recruit in the military, the parade ground is the venue where you are baptised out of your civilian life. We were assembled at the company’s assembly point ready to be matched to the parade ground for the day’s activity.
    • Sat, 23rd Jan 2021 20:41
    First day on the parade ground
  • Escaping From NMS

    By Ahmed Mamudu NMS/83
    Every boy is constantly planning a grand and permanent escape from NMS, it flows and ebbs depending on the job you are in danger of facing and the final escape was on your POP day, but there will never be any escape from the many bitter-sweet memories that came with NMS.
    • Fri, 22nd Jan 2021 19:58
    Escaping From NMS
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