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  • Adeshina Adewumi is a social entrepreneur passionate about the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa and the globe. He is an Ex-Banker and Wealth Management expert from Stanbic IBTC and has previously founded One Kiosk while also serving as a Venture Partner at Aptive Capital between 2020 and 2021.
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    • Wed, 16th Mar 2022 10:56
    Trade Lenda - Frequently Asked Questions
  • I consequently resorted to penning down these few lines to celebrate perseverance and doggedness, to celebrate calmness and composure, to celebrate resilience and faith, and to celebrate consistency and rigour.
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    • Wed, 11th Aug 2021 08:16
    When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade
  • Mentoring Tomorrow

    By Alhassan Abdul NMS/91
    The name of the platform is the Heritage and Legacy Foundation and the project is called Mentoring Tomorrow, an exclusive mentorship program for 18 - 25 year-olds yearning for an impactful future. Join us to impact the younger generation.
    • Mon, 2nd Aug 2021 08:47
    Mentoring Tomorrow
  • Nigerian Idol Season 6 Winner

    By Izaddin Chafe NMS/01
    In July 2021, after 16 weeks of pulsating vocal performances, NMS 09 Kingdom Kroseide has emerged as the winner of the Nigerian Idol Season 6 competition. During the finale event, both finalists performed songs by Fela Kuti. While Francis sang Yellow Fever, Kingdom rendered Gentleman.
    • Mon, 19th Jul 2021 08:28
    Nigerian Idol Season 6 Winner
  • Can they tell the tale of My story, your story, our story of history summed up with boys of ten , eleven, twelve, who through mutual pain and joy and swimming through intricate waters were Weaned into a brotherhood Into what every nation should be
    • Mon, 31st May 2021 20:47
    As we mourn Brig. Gen. Olayinka and Brig. Gen. Abdulkadir
  • This is the brotherhood that builds a country. This is the brotherhood that makes me look at the man from the farthest parts of my country and see him as my brother and compatriot, not as one from another place. For us, Nigeria is home because, in every nook and cranny of this vast nation, each of us has a brother.
    • Thu, 20th May 2021 09:57
    It is The 67th Foundation Day of NMS
  • The NMS Boy

    By Ibrahim Ishaya NMS/90
    To the NMS boy, his passing out day is a mixed day. He is happy that he is passing out, and he is sad that he is loosing something he does not know. But what else can he do? Everything that has a beginning must surely have and end.
    • Mon, 15th Mar 2021 16:30
    The NMS Boy
  • NMS The Citadel

    By Friday Abba NMS/81
    The five years we spent together saw us concentrating on our pursuit of excellence, we found each person to be a worthy asset to our achieving greatness. We learnt from one another, taught one another, helped one another to be on our feet. We grew up knowing that to be successful we needed to need each other and work together.
    • Sat, 13th Mar 2021 13:05
    NMS The Citadel
  • In the year 1951, the British brought up an idea of establishing the Boys Company with the same pattern as the Boys Wing of the British Army for each of the 4 British West African Colonies, namely the Gambia, Ghana (formerly Gold Coast), Nigeria and Sierra Leone.
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    • Sat, 13th Feb 2021 13:09
    Historical Evolution of the Nigerian Military School
  • I was fortunate to have been assigned to Echo Company and my Cadre Course was in Echo Company.  This is my Echo Company NMS experience and how fortunate I considered myself to have been an Echolite. Enjoy and I look forward to your comments.
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    • Wed, 10th Feb 2021 12:46
    My Echo Company Experience In NMS
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