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Can they tell the tale of
My story your story our story
Of history summed up with
Boys of ten eleven twelve who
Through mutual pain and joy
And swimming through intricate waters
Were Weaned into a brotherhood
Into what every nation should be

Can they paint the complexities
Of lines, curves, contours
Of boys from different houses
Coming home- their home where
All are taught to be for one and
Where one is tutored to be for all

These words
Can they speak of the pain
When like a comet Pam flew past
Where like meteors Udale, Abdullahi,
Jibo, Lawrence, Habila, Taofeek
Are all extinguished but remembered
Where Gara is taken by oblivion
But where his life stays alive in hearts

These Words
Can they speak of Olayinka who flew past leaving us in indescribable pains
Or of Abdulkadir (Alooma) who sped past like a shooting star

These words
Can they define how far we have come
Since we listened to the drum corps play Auld Lang Syne
Since we hummed
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
And yes can they tell how
We met again with the stories of individual sojourns
Of falling and rising
Of how we soared above adversities to
Arrive at our here from the there that we all share

Words cannot say all but our lives have shown
That we cannot be weary and we shall climb on
That no mountain is too high and we shall conquer every height
Until the stars dim to our brightness and
Until the sky is saturated with our greatness


Friday Abba

"I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it."

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