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There was an ex-boys association registered as far back as 1995 which to me was rather belated for an institution like Nigerian Military School Zaria which has such a deep history that predates even Nigeria as a country, It was set up to provide a much needed rallying platform for the ex-boys of that great school to fraternise among themselves and also give back to our ailing alma mater in areas that only ex-boys can truly do in order to maintain the spirit of discipline, patriotism, military and academic excellence that NMS is traditionally known for.

Assiduous effort and sacrifice was made by many senior ex-boys in time, money and energy towards achieving this goal, but the dream was terminated by the exigencies of the politics, policies, and the clash of ideology that was prevalent contemporarily at that time from within and outside the ex-boys cadre and expectedly, the dream of having a strong ex-boys association hit a rock-bottom and has been so for over a decade now. It is this same rock-bottom that will form the solid foundation on which we will build a strong and interminable Ex-boys foundation that will meet the aspirations of every ex-boy of the Nigerian Military School Zaria, it is the experiences of our respectable seniors that will inform and guide our planning today for a sustainable platform that will stand the test of time, therefore instead of chasing the past, lets collectively invest in our future.

A lot of intellectual currency has gone into the planning and set up of the Ex-boys foundation today, both financial and professional commitments have been made by many ex-boys who connect with the vision of the passionate ex-boys driving this dream to reality and believe me, they span across many generations of young and senior ex-boys. It surely is the required platform that can equate the sum total of the generational diversity of ex-boys today, a fine blend of the energy and exuberance of the young and the wisdom and vision of the old.

Saturday the 1st of December 2012 is the launch date of the NMS Ex-boys foundation and it is a date we have with history to write our names in gold for posterity sake, I urge every ex-boy to get on the moving train towards posterity if nothing else, come and connect with the vision that will place NMS prominently on the map of Africa where it belongs, a vision that will create a welfare / social security system for all ex-boys, a vision that will empower our unique constituency that you cannot be born into, a vision that will provide a mentorship scheme that will abolish malinger among ex-boys and ensure their success in any chosen field, a vision that will re-invent NMS both structurally and in capacity, the vision that will promote the patronage of ex-boys and their businesses.

I have connected with this vision and the trajectory of success points to the sky! have you done the same? it is not blind optimism but a dream carried by ex-boys with the capacity and passion to see it to fruition.

Long live the Nigerian Military School Zaria!! and God bless Ex-boys!!!.

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Mohammed Danjuma

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