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A woman on her death bed is accused of committing adultery while her husband was away from the village three years previously. While on the sick bed, she loses her three children to the same illness that she is suffering. Her husband and her very close friend are also exhibiting different symptoms of the same ailment.


A Runner-up for the 2014 edition of the NLNG Nigeria Prize for Literature with his play, Alekwu Night Dance, Friday John Abba is a past Chairman of the Kaduna state Branch of the Association of Nigerian Authors. He also served as Chairman, Kaduna Writers' League.

His debut play, Alekwu Night Dance, is currently studied in a few Nigerian Universities and other tertiary institutions in the country. The play has been cited in in the Library of Congress and the National Library of Australia. It has also been cited in some universities across the world including Princeton.has been a major text in about three Doctoral Thesis in Nigerian Universities.

Alekwu Night Dance is currently on a production tour of Nigerian cities and is in the process of being screen played for film while Eclipsing Ellipsis is been prepared for its stage premiere.

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Reference: Final Shorlist of Three for NLNG-Sponsored US$100,000 Literature Prize Emerges

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