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Two days ago (26th July 2021), my fellow secondary schoolmates and I marked 25 years since we transitioned from that phase of our lives. For us, as I am sure as it is with everyone, that day remains memorable to this day.

However, almost all of us stepped into the next phase literally unprepared, but really, those days (as it still largely is today), how many people spare a thought for preparing you for the next phase of your life? You basically have to find your way with a little help here and there from your parents and a hefty dose of peer influence. For those who had to care for older siblings or a faith-based support structure, those came in handy too. The result of this was that avoidable mistakes were made, some irreversible. I am sure most of us have examples of friends and acquaintances whose stories went this way.

For young people, transition phases are very critical. When not properly grasped and worked through, the subject ends up with a less than optimal outcome. In the twinkling of an eye, a promising future can be set off on a different tangent and vice versa. I am presently hunting for people who are willing to serve as mentors to young Nigerians (mostly fresh secondary school leavers, undergraduates, post-graduates, and youth corps members) in a bid to create support networks that they can tap into at these phases in their lives to improve the chances of emerging with better outcomes.

Mostly what such mentors will be required to provide will be advice, encouragement, guidance, and direction to our young mentees. The name of the platform is the Heritage and Legacy Foundation and this particular project is called Mentoring Tomorrow. If I can start with as little as five willing mentors, it will really go a long way to get this dream off the ground.

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