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Dr. Ogedegbe is legendary.

He treats the high and mighty and never turns his back on the poor.

Once, we were in Zaria together for an event when a call came through from Cedarcrest. Apparently, the call was regarding a person brought to the hospital without any money. And it sounded like the person could not afford the treatment. Dr. Ogedegbe responded in near anger asking why they had not commenced treatment. Prior to this time, someone told me how the doctor treated his son without asking for a dime. And I have not seen a hospital like Cedacrest with such wonderful specialists. With Cedarcrest, you do not need to seek help outside Nigeria.

Dr. Ogedegbe, Delta Company CSM (86/87) is an amazing personality and he exudes the aura of the excellent spirit of an Ex Boy. #thespiritofanexboy.

Peace. Salaam. Shalom.

Cedarcrest Hospitals is a modern specialist medical care centre located in the heart of Abuja Nigeria. It was founded in January 2008 with the aim of providing a high standard healthcare service to patient within and outside Nigeria.
Friday Abba

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