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As someone living in the diaspora, and contributing in my own little way to the Nigerian economy through remittances, I’ve seen the impact it can have on a larger scale. Thus, the CBN’s evaluation of diasporas contribution to the amount of $17B can be seen as great positive, giving us a better overview of the real value we add to the local economy.

With an unemployment rate of about 23% (estimated figure before COVID-19), it has become pertinent and a matter of National emergency to find a common solution to salvage an already bruised & battered economy and life in general. What does this mean for us as a people? We have a huge deficit in the utilization of globalization.

As the world moves to a more globalized economy and in the wake of corona impact, have we as a people realized the time has come for us to take our place in the committee of Nations, taping into the resourcefulness of our young population? I don’t know about you, but I feel the answer to this question is YES. We can’t continue to talk about our opportunities, without doing the work that can transform those opportunities into tangible results and accomplishments. This is why I have decided to start an initiative called Naija Together.

Naija together is a platform that will bring like minded individuals to connect and brainstorm on raging issues- without rancor- with an aim to solving a real problem. Our youths are hungry for genuine leadership and mentorship. Our educational qualifications can’t almost give us a meaningful employment, while those lucky to be employed are either working without pay or at the brink of getting laid off. The government can’t solve all of our problems, while we see an individual approach in solving any issues that confronts us.

How do we empower those yearning to be empowered? How do we support those SME’s to scale in an over regulated environment? These are some of the questions and issues that Naija Together hopes to address.

To find out more about Naija Together contact:
Akin Akinmulero

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