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The primary objective of the NMS Knowledge Base Quiz is to improve ex-boys knowledge of NMS hence the format it has taken to allow multiple attempts at randomly selected multiple-choice questions with explanations of the answers.

Thanks to the ex-boys that have participated and still continue to participate, it has made the time and efforts invested in this endeavour worthwhile and we hope it does achieve its objectives as well as engage ex-boys from different sets in a common activity with a passion we all share.

As earlier announced, suggestions have been made and received for awards and prizes, do bear in mind that these are token of appreciation for your support and well as for your enthusiasm to learn more about NMS which ultimately should keep NMS closer to your hearts and encourage future interests in the activities of our alma mater.

Due to the different locations of ex-boys, the consensus is that the prizes should be in the form of mobile phone Top Ups (airtime). We express our gratitude to the ex-boys that gave suggestions and also to those that have contributed to the awards.

In total 7 awards would be given out at the end of the quiz evaluation period as follows:

  • 1st position - ₦30K airtime
  • 2nd position - ₦20K airtime
  • 3rd position - ₦15K airtime
  • 4th position - ₦10K airtime
  • 5th position - ₦5K airtime
  • 6th position - ₦2K airtime
  • Champ Coy - ₦18k airtime

The 7th award is for the Quiz Champion Company which will be received by the ex-boy from that company that has made the highest number of attempts, has a score >= 50% and is not among the top 6.

The quiz evaluation period will end at 23:59 31st July 2020.

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*Strictly for ex-boys only

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