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The vision of the NMS Ex-boys platform is to bring all bona fide ex-boys together so we can achieve the potentials within us by networking and empowering one another to keep the ex-boys community alive and vibrant.

The life and longevity of the ex-boys community however greatly depends on ex-boys learning to work effectively and harmoniously together across sets. While activities and relationships organised by sets are great and useful, they will all die a natural death as we age and approach the twilight of our years, with nothing passed on to the next generation of ex-boys.

The life and longevity of the ex-boys community greatly depends on ex-boys learning to work effectively and harmoniously together across sets.

To this end, having a common platform recognised by ex-boys globally and equipped with the necessary tools for networking, mentoring, communication, empowerment, and data management is crucial to achieving and maintaining the platform's vision in the 21st century and beyond. 

The NMS Ex-boys platform harnesses the gains achieved by ex-boys’ use of other social media platforms to organise themselves into groups with common interests, it also tries to address some drawbacks while providing a home ex-boys can call their own and be proud of. The drawbacks the platform tries to address, amongst others include: 

  1. challenges validating and identifying bona fide ex-boys
  2. the duplicity of platforms
  3. manual administrative tasks
  4. the lack of coordination and cohesion
  5. repetition and duplication of efforts and goals
  6. divergence as groups and sets operate in silos
  7. unhealthy competitions between groups and sets
  8. lack of a source of truth that is reachable and globally accessible
  9. a central forum where all bona fide ex-boys can communicate and relate
  10. storage and access to data and records for posterity
  11. limited reach and coordination with ex-boys in the diaspora.

The NMS ex-boys platform was first launched in 2008 and has since undergone several updates over the years to improve its appeal to ex-boys with the primary objectives in mind. The latest update in 2020 involved the overhaul of the platform and its backend systems that process and store data. It was rebuilt from the ground up to meet specific ex-boys’ needs hence what can be achieved using this platform is limited only by our imaginations and our ability to innovate.

The platform allows both authenticated and unauthenticated access, however, all actions sensitive in nature are restricted and require authentication and authorisation to access those areas. Further information about the vision and objectives on the NMS Ex-Boys Platform can be a better appreciation of how far we have come over the years can be seen by logging in and browsing through the tools and features available.

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