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During the Nigerian Civil War, some federal troops together with Exboy Mwolima Anjikwi (NMS 64 Set) were sent on a recon mission in a Saladin AFV. Unfortunately, the Saladin AFV got stuck in the mud in a location close to the Biafrans territory and before they could push the Saladin AFV away from the mud, the Biafran troops appeared, arrested and captured the federal troops. 

The federal troops were taken to a location to be executed summarily. After being led to captivity, upon entering the location, Exboy Mwolima Anjikwi immediately sighted his NMS mate, Exboy Chimah Udonsi who was now a Biafran Officer. At first instance, his heart was filled with relief but his joy soon turned into sorrow when his NMS mate looked at him and turned his face away. 

It was now time for their execution and the Biafran Officer, Exboy Chimah Udonsi said he was taking Exboy Mwolima to execute him, upon reaching  the inner path of the bush, he turned to his NMS mate, shouted "268 Mwolima Anjikwi", immediately hugged him and after exchanging words, he took him a path to follow to link up with the federal troops. As he was moving inside the bush path, he later saw the dead bodies of his crew mates. 

The two Exboys later met in a bank after so many years and could recall many memories of the War. It is with great displeasure that I announce the passing away of Exboy Maj Mwolima Anjikwi (Rtd) who died yesterday after a prolonged illness.

Long live the Exboys 

Long live the Nigerian Armed Forces

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria 

Izaddin Chafe

"I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it."

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