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Gentlemen you already know what this topic is all about…but in truth in NMS especially during my time it was a terminology used for clowns…baggars…look at this bootrag? It is also a very important element for Shinning Parade!

Shinning Parade was a parade in assessing your readiness for the coming week. Your green will be seriously inspected, your belts will undergo serious inspection and in truth if it’s a belt that utilises brazo, you definitely need a boot rag to enhance your garri The patchers during Shinning Parades frightens one seriously! Their boots are extremely polished ferociously to glitter like a MIRROR Walahi! They’d now neatly place the boot rag on the boots to prevent the frontal part of the boots from dust stains!

Boys in those days go to any length to shine their boots! You first use your brush to rub your boots with black nuggets polish and dry them in the hot sun one leg after the other with perfect timing afterwards you bring them in and start brushing them. Later you utilise a portion of abandoned mattress to gently smoothing the boots which gradually has started Shinning, now the eccentric garri patchers involve candle wax!

Honestly patching can make one do the impossible,I hope my mates B/Provost Marshal l Ariyo “World Army!” and Gen. Benjamin Ahanotu (Omobude) Rtd are reading this? They married their boots with wax! During my time I just didn’t bother wetin? I can’t kee myself! Yes I was an Idle baggar! But my juniors never dared me shikena! So I zeroed my mind and faced the music during Shinning parade.

So after you get your kiwi fold the “boot rag” on your right or left index finger close to your thumb and start touching the kiwi bit by bit and rub the boot rag on the surface of the boot, your bring the boot close to your mouth and release breath on the boots which is now covered by mist from your breath and cleverly like an art apply the boot rag by spinning and spinning with a tiny drop of water on the boot and gradually you’d start seeing your miserable face!

By the time you repeat the process you finally get a well polished boots by seeing your teeth and face! Baggars are ready for Shinning Parade. You spend great amount of time on your master’s boot as he’s not part of the Shinning parade but your master’s personal Shinning parade is more Wahala especially if he’s an NCO or appointment holder. You need to spend extra time on your master’s boots! As your Master especially if he’s an NCO or appointment conducts his personal Shinning parade to assess his personal boots.

Some boots come with crackers yes garri patchers love crackers on their boots and clowns have no time. However some appointment holders amongst our masters have crackers attached to their boots. I always remember the crackers of all ex-BRSM’s! All exceptional, I pity their boys especially the fingers used on boot rags!

During Shinning parade you now lay your boot rag covering both boots ready for Shinning Parade. Next time I’d write on Shinning Parade and Stand by,  have a blessed weekend Sooojaaaahs!

Similola Diya

"I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it."

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