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  • Post By Idua Olunwa

The Junior Leader is the official magazine of the Nigerian Military School which showcased the works of the students but what I reflect on today is the name. For some time in the nation’s history, it was under a military government and one would assume that was the only role for leadership. So, as a democratic republic, is the leadership potential of the boys to men is streamlined to the Armed forces or relegated? No, it is needed maybe more than ever in the simplest of ways, we must refresh the minds of all and hopefully focus the group in one of the most salient ways or means of establishing leadership. That is through pushing for policy changes and enacting laws. Some may say it is lobbying. Whether it is pushing for laws to support relatives of deceased servicemen in the State and federal level to a brochure on the bill and rights of a Nigerian.

Yes, I encourage the members and leadership of the group in all levels to steer their minds towards policy changes that can reflect the ideologies we grow up to. Ideologies that reflect a common good, that ensured unity. Ideas that harness the human and materials resources towards providing a peaceful and sustainable environment for generations to come. While NMS, NYSC, command and Federal unity schools were created to harness unity and development, the baton is now on the recipients of these policies to set the pace for the future. What will you do?

Idua Olunwa

"I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it."

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