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On the eve of the 1966 Session, at the old NMS gymnasium close to the arm store, RSM Yamusa Zakari Kumasi announced for the first time the appointment of form 3 Boys to Boy L/Cpl. Prior to this, only the most senior class held all appointments.

The following, all of the NMS 64 Set were promoted to Boy L/Cpl:

  1. NMF/256 Garba Dilli - Enugu House
  2. NMF/258  Ibrahim Ali-Kote -Lagos House
  3. NMF/264  Micheal Iyorshe-Enugu House
  4. NMF/271  Waje Akut -Kaduna House
  5. NMF/ 272  Edward Abutu - Enugu House
  6. NMF/277  Garba Ali- Ibadan House
  7. NMF/ 280  Abdullahi Toungo Turaki-Enugu House
  8. NMF/302  David Akono- Lagos House

After the RSM had announced their appointments, he further stated that for the first time a new innovation would be introduced to the School and that was the Boy Regimental Provost.

The Provost Corps was born from a unique vision of RSM Yamusa Zakari Kumasi who wanted to create a corps within the Boys that would exhibit the highest level of regimentation, discipline, and doggedness. Their primary responsibilities were to be in charge and responsible for the maintenance of order and enforcement of discipline among the Boys. Their unique features connote the strict adherence to the standard principles, customs, and traditions of NMS by exhibiting the highest level of Esprit-de-Corps amongst the Boys which is in line with grooming the young leaders by shouldering them with responsibilities at an earlier stage of their lives.

Out of the 8 form 3 Boys promoted to Boy L/Cpl, he selected Boy L/Cpl Ibrahim Ali-Kote and Boy L/Cpl Abdullahi Toungo Turaki and appointed them the first ever set of NMS Boy Provost. He handed over the RP badges and swagger canes to them.

The following year, as the 1967 Session progressed, the Boy L/Cpls, now form 4 Boys were promoted to Boy Cpls. For more effectiveness, RSM Yamusa Zakari then decided to increase the number of Boy Provosts and appointed Boy Cpl Garba Dilli and Boy Cpl Garba Ali, making them 4 in number.

Much later in form 4, Garba Ali was promoted B/Sgt and made the first School B/Provost Marshal. In the year 1968, now as form 5 boys, Garba Ali was made B/CSM ( now B/RSM) of NMS with Garba Dilli succeeding him as the Boy PM. Though NMS Provost Corps has come to withstand the test of time, it has undergone several changes in traditions and challenges over the years.

Izaddin Chafe

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