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His attention kept returning to The Ring. I pretended not to notice. He was trying to make out the inscription on it. I saw he also had a ring. It wasn't the same. It couldn't be. I immediately dismissed it. I didn't want him suffering some kind of musculoskeletal injury, so I held out my hand for him to see better. "Oh! I'm sorry. I thought it was of The Order of So and So (mentioning a Group I had heard of). I smiled. " No, it is not. This is more exclusive." He looked bemused. What Society could be more exclusive than The Order of So and So?

So I explained. You see, this is not a cult. It is more than that. It is not an Order. That is belittling. You do not join this Group. You cannot join this Group. You could not belong, not by power nor by might, yet membership is automatic for the privileged few. It is not possible for Dangote or even the President to belong to this Group. It is too late. They cannot ascend to that privilege. It is just not possible. I could see that he was overawed by this time. What Conclave could this be?

Brothers for life, regardless of tribe, status, or creed. An unbreakable bond, forged by a common heritage. A pedigree steeped in history, from an age when most were still sucklings. Granted a pass through the most rigorous of weaning processes, to partake of an experience few ever will. Wheat separated from the chaff by a rite of passage never to be forgotten. Bound not by blood but a stronger bond - a shared destiny.

It is true that all men are equal. It is sacrosanct that not all men are Exboys.

I am an Exboy!

Olawale Bakare

"I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it."

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