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  • Post By Uduak Anthony

The connection between ex-boys has always been and will forever remain strong. From Calabar to Sokoto, Lagos to Maiduguri it exhibits the bond of brotherhood, the spirit of camaraderie that transcends ethnicity and overlooks religious differences.

It declares an Aisosa the kin of an Uduak and a Hamza, their sibling. It speaks for an Ayuba Abdul when he finds himself in any part of the world and is welcomed with open arms by a Yargawa. It makes an Okoromini feel at home in presence of an Oghenegare, who he is just meeting for the first time in his life and who is 40 years older than him. It encourages a Mustapha to bring out his prayer mat to observe his Isha’a prayers in the home of a Pastor Alex. It causes Hassan Abdul to weep over the demise of an Omang, a young man he never met. It Makes an Erasmus to travel freely from Gombe to Osun and went to the house of Oloruntobi Tosin without telling him that he's coming and he is treated like a family member.

This bond can only be formed within the walls of the Nigerian Military School.

God Bless ZaEXBA
God Bless ZaNigerianMilitary

Uduak Anthony

"I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it."

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