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To all Nms Exboys home and in the diaspora, this write up is a wake-up call for UNITY and RESPECT of other peoples space and opinions, we were trained to be one irrespective of our ethnic divide, religious beliefs, and even different family background and political party or affiliation were Emeka will love and relate with Ibrahim without ethnic sentiments, where Abiodun will love and relate with Akpan without bias, where there is no preference to tribes and religion, where we are all one, unified in a common cause of breeding innovative and loyal and patriotic leaders of the future.

Please and please let's stop the war of words, yes we may differ in our ideas and conclusion of the affairs of the nation but should it end in the battle of words n strife? A nation we were trained to protect against internal and external aggression, we all have one common objective, making Nigeria great again, but not in divisions, but as a unit. So please whatever your opinions about the state of Nigeria and how it differs from your brothers in arms, please it shouldn't result in insults.

In a while now since the political unrest in Nigeria, some of us who have a different view from others based on recent events have come out open to lash others with insults, abusive remarks, and threats, this is very wrong as we are all trained to be gentlemen and to be our brothers' keepers.

Secondly, the discipline and respect for elders and constituted authority are what we are known for, and a see some junior exboys being rude to their seniors whom they never even met in our Great Alma mater, because of political differences. Every day I come on Facebook and it's one battle or the other on a post, please and please if you are not okay with a post please, waka pass, don't even digest what you've read not to talk of trying to do analysis on the post or even start abusing because the post differs from your own point of view, enough of this disrespect, enough of the abuse of rights to personal space, enough of this indiscipline, let's stay together as one as we have always been because nothing on earth can tear us apart even in death because the bond we share is more than politics, more than anything that we are letting to come in between ourselves.

We can achieve a lot better things together in unity despite our religious, political, ethnic, party divide, we can make Nigeria great again please let's shun hate speech, disrespectful comments, and let's remain in Unity, let Love lead. I come in Peace.

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Joseph Wokoma

"I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it."

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