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  • Post By George Okewih

We are Icons of Integrity

We are men of honour; we do what we say and we say what we can do
We are a standard to be met; we set the pace for others to follow
We are upright people; we value our name and guard our image jealously, we refuse to be associated with dishonesty
We are a symbol of Discipline.

We are Role Models

We are people's dreams come to life; we are what you've always wanted to be
We are shining examples; we are an encouragement to our generation
We are whom you should be emulating
We are a symbol of Leadership.

We are the Voice of Logical Reasoning

We are intelligent; we reason within and outside the box
We are composed; we never fret in the face of adversity
We are problem solvers; remembered by the problems we've solved not the ones we created
We are a symbol of Logic.

We are Nation Builders

We are united; we speak with one voice and there’s strength in unity
We are proud; we walk with a sense of pride from the knowledge of our roots – alma mater & country
We are respectful; we don’t discriminate against tribe, religion, age or beliefs
We are a symbol of Unity.

We are Game Changer

We are proactive; we know what should be done and we get it done
We are innovative; we employ best practices in all our endeavours
We are decisive; we are hardly ever dissuaded from set objectives
We are a symbol of Change.

We are Ex Boys of the Nigerian Military School, Zaria!

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George Okewih

"I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it."

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