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RSM Ibrahim Bandi is the second longest serving NMS RSM after the late Capt. Yamusa Zakari Kumasi. His legacies stem from the way and manner he impacted discipline on the NMS Boys during his stint as the School RSM. He indeed played a vital and significant role in shaping and molding the character of NMS Boys in the entire School. Below is a recollection by Ex-boys on RSM Ibrahim Bandi:

Definitely a tough man! There was only one way to handle a large group of young boys with so much tactical training and energy. Bandi handled boys effectively. He was a bully, thankfully all that bullying has made the harshness in the world seem like mere slaps on the shoulder.

RSM Ibrahim Bandi, an excellent soldier though I did not like him then but that was when I was a boy in the making into who I am now. He deserves an honorary medal!

RSM Ibrahim Bandi is one of a rare and detribilised Nigerian. He moulded boys to become disciplined and hardworking men that we are today. He was a terror to the awolist and lazy boys. Five years spent in NMS has made me to appreciate every human irrespective of the tribe, race or religion. I recall his quote on a sunday morning. Christian move to the church for service. Muslims go to the mosque for the padre hour. If you are neither a Christian nor a Muslim then you would remain with me on the parade ground to worship the stones. RSM Ibrahim Bandi was fearless and courageous in the discharge of his duties.

He was RSM the first 3yrs I was there, and as far as I know he could never be outsmarted by boy soldiers, and, if you know what it meant to be a Boy you would understand just how intuitive the man was. He was our father, and I dare say, no other RSM could ever understand NMS Boys or even move them the way he did. All due respect to RSM Kumasi (2nd best in my personal opinion).

He was courageous and good enough to teach us the way to be men in life, it was tough but it made us who we are today. God bless you retired RSM Bandi Ibrahim.

Bandi was a competent and exemplary RSM but he was also an enigma, a brute and a dread.

Purposefully Ubiquitous, efficiently energetic and firm in fatherly. I am proud to identify with you sir. One day during 81 POP rehearsals, Fagbohun introduces this huge man called RSM Bandi. He was all smiles and hardly spoke. Boys thanked God that this would be their new smiling RSM and the mean Fagbohun would soon leave. Little did we know! Not long after Fagbohun left did we see the liberal use of koboko and Bandi's loud voice and his canny gift of appearing where boys least wanted him to, whether it was at Shagalinku or 'Shagalinmu' as some of us preferred to call it, Kodiano or Rex cinema, and even on the way to 'Buns Villa'. This guy earned his name 'Slyman' by being so sly that we couldn't outsmart him. Provost shifting, he was there punishing boys for keeping on the brutal tradition and vowing to put an end to it. In fact, he was everywhere.

I will never forget studying for WASCE with Uwakwe Nwatu my form 5 'roombee'. We utilised our 'army blankets' effectively by covering the windows and door while we cooked up a storm of rice and Geisha with our boiling ring and 'jacked'. The pungent smell of rice and geisha garnished with eggs must have been so pungent that Bandi was attracted. There was no other way he would have known the lights were on in the room for the room appeared pitch black from outside thanks to the blankets. Loud banging and shouting but surprisingly, no use of the famous koboko.

This man Bandi, being human also had his short-comings. He, as a father had his favourites and there were some boys he didn't like very much for one reason or the other. If his preferences were justified, we would not call it a shortcoming.

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