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01 Nov 21 12:00 am
15 Nov 21 11:59 pm Save

The arts and craft contest is an opportunity to showcase your skills and talents in whatever form of art. The contest would be in 3 categories: Primary School, Secondary School, and Adult categories, and is open to all ex-boys and children of ex-boys.

Interested participants are required to send in their entries by submitting a photograph or video of their original work with a short description to the platform admin via email, Facebook messenger, or WhatsApp.

Submitted arts would be displayed on the platform and voted on by ex-boys. The entries with the highest number of votes in each category would then qualify for an award. The number of award positions is subject to the number of entries received by 31st October 2021.

Voting is expected to take place between 1st November and 15th November 2021 and the results would be announced on the 16th of November 2021.

Please join in and help make this contest a success. Donations towards the awards are welcomed and would be greatly appreciated.

01 Nov 21 12:00 am
Virtual, Online, Ex-Boys Platform
01 Dec 21 12:00 am
31 Dec 21 11:59 pm Save

This maiden annual event is to recognise and appreciate exboys that have made exemplary achievements in their careers or made commendable contributions to the ex-boys community in the year 2021.

Nominations and voting would open to all ex-boys on the 1st December 2021 and would close on 30th December 2020. The final results would be announced on 31st December 2021.

01 Dec 21 12:00 am
Voting, Online, Ex-Boys Platform

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Sharing news, articles and life experiences to inform, motivate and challenge Ex-boys in whatever topic you are passionate about, be it business, finance, health, politics, travel etc.

Historical Evolution of the Nigerian Military School
By Izaddin Chafe

Historical Evolution of the Nigerian Military School

In the year 1951, the British brought up an idea of establishing the Boys Company with the same pattern as the Boys Wing of the British Army for each of the 4 British West African Colonies, namely the Gambia, Ghana (formerly Gold Coast), Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

My Echo Company Experience In NMS
By Jimi Kolawole

My Echo Company Experience In NMS

I was fortunate to have been assigned to Echo Company and my Cadre Course was in Echo Company.  This is my Echo Company NMS experience and how fortunate I considered myself to have been an Echolite. Enjoy and I look forward to your comments.

A Clarion call  to ex-boys
By Oluwole Okesola

A Clarion call to ex-boys

I have always believed in one Nigeria, I have always believed in the unity of this great country of ours. Can I sound the bugle and hail all ex-boys to heed the clarion call of nation-building, of shunning ethnic bias to fight in our various cocoons to unite Nigerians?

The Ring
By Olawale Bakare

The Ring

An unbreakable bond, forged by a common heritage. A pedigree steeped in history, from an age when most were still sucklings. Granted a pass through the most rigorous of weaning processes, to partake of an experience few ever will.

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Standing and falling in line with a unity of purpose and collective responsibility. Ex-boys coming together as one mighty force for positive impact

Let's Get Started


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