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01 Dec 20 12:00 am
31 Dec 20 11:59 pm Save

This maiden annual event is to recognise and appreciate exboys that have made exemplary achievements in their careers or made commendable contributions to the ex-boys community in the year 2020.

Nominations and voting would open to all ex-boys on the 1st December 2020 and would close on 30th December 2020. The final results would be announced on 31st December 2020.

01 Dec 20 12:00 am
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False Accusations and Fake News
By Imanah Shehu

False Accusations and Fake News

The truth sometimes leaves trails and if we dig deeper, we might be able to connect the dots. Without concrete facts, we can never really tell what was going on and who was responsible. For all you know, our prime suspect might not have been involved. He probably reported the matter from his own perspective.

Overview of the Ex-boys Platform
By Pele Odiase

Overview of the Ex-boys Platform

The life and longevity of the ex-boys community greatly depends on ex-boys learning to work effectively and harmoniously together across sets. While activities and relationships organised by sets are great and useful, they will all die a natural death as we age and approach the twilight of our years with little or nothing passed on to the next generation of ex-boys.

5 Visits to the Dining Hall
By Ahmed Mamudu

5 Visits to the Dining Hall

Every ex-boy can relate his eating style to before, during, and after NMS. Before NMS I enjoyed my meals, but while in NMS I never tasted my food, I only swallowed it fast! Nowadays I eat a little slower but still amaze non-ex-boys with my speed.

The Joy of Drill as a Soldier
By Similola Diya

The Joy of Drill as a Soldier

One of the most important enforcement of discipline and order is DRILL. Many didn’t like it, but it is one aspect of the military I admire, adore and loved with hard-line passion. Thousands of soldiers gather in one area or along the road and the command is obeyed. The obedience is deft and symbolic of adherence to unwavering loyalty by all.

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