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05 Dec 21 12:00 am
05 Dec 21 11:59 pm Save

Join NMS 95 for our 20th Anniversary Reunion Banquet Night on the 5th of December, NAF Conference Centre, Abuja.

Featuring a Special Appearance by the winner of Nigerian Idol Ex-Boy Kingdom Kroseide

05 Dec 21 12:00 am
NAF Conference Centre, Abuja, abuja, Nigeria

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Sword of Honour for the 68 RC

Sword of Honour for the 68 RC

By Izaddin Chafe

The Sword of Honour is usually presented to the overall best passing out officer cadet. There is no doubt that Exboys would continue to exhibit the highest level of professional conduct as well as continue to strive for excellence as in line with the vision of our founding fathers.

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade

By Titilope Ogbonyomi

I consequently resorted to penning down these few lines to celebrate perseverance and doggedness, to celebrate calmness and composure, to celebrate resilience and faith, and to celebrate consistency and rigour.

Mentoring Tomorrow

Mentoring Tomorrow

By Alhassan Abdul

The name of the platform is the Heritage and Legacy Foundation and the project is called Mentoring Tomorrow, an exclusive mentorship program for 18 - 25 year-olds yearning for an impactful future. Join us to impact the younger generation.

Nigerian Idol Season 6 Winner

Nigerian Idol Season 6 Winner

By Izaddin Chafe

In July 2021, after 16 weeks of pulsating vocal performances, NMS 09 Kingdom Kroseide has emerged as the winner of the Nigerian Idol Season 6 competition. During the finale event, both finalists performed songs by Fela Kuti. While Francis sang Yellow Fever, Kingdom rendered Gentleman.

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